THE Landlord Calculator

Take the guesswork out of real estate investing once and for all! THE Landlord Calculator is the only real estate deal analysis tool you will ever need to analyze a rental property. Analyze any rental property deal within minutes!


  • Created BY Landlords FOR Landlords to take the guesswork out of real estate investing! How many times have you heard the phrase, "You have to know your numbers!" - NOW YOU CAN!!

  • Analyze any rental property deal within minutes! You need MS Excel or a similar product to use THE Landlord Calculator.

  • Offline access so you can analyze deals wherever you are!

  • This is the only Landlord Analysis Tool you'll ever need to analyze a rental property deal. This calculator will pay for itself many times over - the very first time you use it!

  • Instantly calculates all of the of key financial metrics for landlords including:

    • Net Operating Income (NOI)

    • Capitalization Rate​ (Cap Rate)

    • Cash on Cash Return (CoC)

    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

    • Net Present Value (NPV)

    • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) - with and without escrow included

    • Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)

    • Monthly cash flow

    • Cumulative cash flow

    • Payback Year Calculation

  • Choose your assumed appreciation rate​

  • Choose your assumed rent and cost inflation rate​

  • Analyze how changes in operations, expenses, & rents will affect the cash flow and value of the property

  • Choose your "percentage rule" to determine what your maximum offer will be

    • "1% Rule," "2% Rule," etc.

  • Analyze how your mortgage payment changes with changes in the purchase price (with and without escrow factored in)

  • Analyze how changes in your downpayment and/or interest rate affect your returns

  • Analyze monthly and yearly cashflows

  • Estimate final selling price once your "holding period" ends

  • Analyze how changes in your "holding period" changes your returns

  • Calculates increase in equity due to mortgage paydown and appreciation

  • Allows you to see how you can make money when you buy

    • Allows you to set a purchase price AND a property value after initial improvements (if any)​

  • Allows you to factor in one-time items like initial repair costs & seller concessions

  • Allows you to factor in recurring items like utilities, insurance, taxes, property management fees, regular maintenance, HOA fees, & more...

  • Keeps a running tally of house value throughout your hypothetical ownership based on your chosen appreciation rate and value of property after repairs (if any)

  • Calculator is in MS Excel format and is downloaded directly to your device allowing for offline (non-internet) analysis. THE Landlord Calculator does not take income tax into account because everyone's situation is different.

  • This tool should only be used as guidance and should be verified by you independently. All calculations are estimates. THE Landlord Calculator IS NOT investment advice.

  • For Personal Use only; for business rates, please email

  • We are happy to offer group rates to real estate brokerages and property management companies.

  • We may track the number of users for each purchase.

  • Each purchase is for one (1) user.

THE Landlord Calculator

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